Wine Events

Join WineGuyMike™ here on this page for special wine events that are happening.  Some of these are local, some are happening in other places, some of these are online and virtual.  If in on it I promise you it’s a great event and  I would like you to join in as we share and learn about great wine, interesting people, and fantastic wine and food places together.

"from my table to yours"
“from my table to yours”


This week is the #TasteChallenge virtual wine tasting event hosted by @WineTwits on Twitter.  This event will be presented for you as an online broadcast coming to you from New York City, tonight I’ll be sharing all the details with you and how you can participate with me at this event.


The Barone Fini wine brand will be conducting a national Pinot Grigio Taste Challenge on March 24th from 8-8:30PM.
There will be a live event featuring the producer of Barone Fini, Count Giovanni Bonmartini-Fini.  The Fini family has been producing wine for over 500 years dating back to the time when their family made wine for the Medici’s when they ruled Venice.
Two premium Pinot Grigios will be part of the “blind” taste challenge, and Giovanni will be guiding both in person and online guests through each wine.
Anyone can participate by registering at
By registering you are automatically entered into a sweepstakes trip for 2 to Venice, Italy.
You can also purchase your “blind” tasting kit at which includes 2 bottles of premium Pinot Grigio with their identities concealed in brown wrappings, plus tasting instructions, tasting mats and also tasting cards to write down notes.  There is enough wine for you and at least 3-4 other friends to taste.
The cost of the blind tasting kit is $30 and includes FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the country.  This price is a best on the web value for these 2 wines anywhere in the US.
Once registered, guests can tune in to at 8PM and see a live streaming video of Giovanni guiding the blind tasting, and will also have the opportunity to “tweet” questions and comments by using the hashtag #tastechallenge.
This is a fun, engaging way to drink some great wine, test your tastebuds and perhaps win a trip to Venice.  It should be a great night for all.

4 thoughts on “Wine Events

  1. We shop at Good Food and buy our wines there. A few months ago you did a sement on NBC Today Montana where you recommended some wines. Found only one of them at Good Food. Can you tell us where there is a good wine store in Missoula that will carry the wines you recommend.

    Norton & Sharon

    • Dear Norton and Sharon,

      Thank you for asking. Let me first disclose to you that Liquid Planet features some of my wine recommendations. With that being said the nice thing about Missoula is our various retailers do indeed feature inventories that vary from one another. Here are a few others to try for a nice wine selection; Worden’s, Patty Creek Market, and Liquid Planet which as I mentioned features a few of my selections. Happy New Years to you both!



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