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Author Sherri Dobay joined me in the studio this week on the WineGuyMike Radio Show to talk about her book Daily Decadence The Art of Sensual Living.  Dobay is a women of wit, wisdom, humor, and experience which she shares with the reader in her book. 

As I read Dobay’s book I was struck by the transparency of her vignettes. Her stories of trysts are scintillating and take you on a contemplative journey that is like a retrospective vacation.  Dobay then takes you a step closer to her soul by sharing a recipe and wine pairing that was deeply meaningful to the story. 

Daily Decadence The Art of Sensual Living exceeded my expectations and I have really enjoyed reading this book, I find it very soothing almost as if I have taken a long weekend trip.  Dobay’s objective in writing her book was to encourage the reader to enjoy the moment, appreciate that which is simple, stop and smell the roses.  It is my opinion that she has more than accomplished this and she has insightful experience to share as well.

Readers will really enjoy this book of beautiful and sometimes sensually scandalous tales that Dobay has to share, but make no mistake this author is not one dimensional by any means.  Dobay takes time to indulge just as she recommends the reader too do.  Sherri Dobay is an accomplished artist, Chef du Jour, and loves to ride horses.  If you need a bit of Daily Decadence in your life get a copy of Dobay’s book and infuse a little art of sensual living into your life, Sherri will show you how.

Foodies and wine lover won’t be disappointed either, Dobay’s wine and food pairings are elegant.  Remember the inspiration for the pairings are stirred by her soul as she shares the intimate experiences of her life in such an authentic way.  Not sure what’s on your table tonight, Dobay inspires the Chef du Jour within.

I want to thank Sherri Dobay for joining me in the studio this week.  I would like to congratulate and wish she and Mark well as they tie the knot and marry this month.  It makes one wonder what wine and food will be served at this not so daily but decadent event….Learn more about Sherri Dobay on her website at

Today’s unedited podcast with author Sherri Dobay,

This week WineGuyMike™ has two wonderful wines to share with you for a little dose of Daily Decadence.  Both are available especially priced at Liquid Planet, Missoula’s “Best of Beverage”, located in the Heart of Downtown Missoula.

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