George's Distributing

George's Distributing


W.J. Deutsch & Sons was founded in 1981 by Chairman, Bill Deutsch, to market quality wines produced by prestigious families from major wine regions of the world. The business that initially began with two employees importing a few family producers from France over two decades ago has grown to include a prestigious roster of internationally renowned, award-winning brands serviced by over 170 employees.

The Deutschs are proud to acknowledge the enduring relationships with their suppliers, many of whom have been part of the family since the business began in the early 1980s, including:

Australia – [ yellow tail ], [ yellow tail ] Bubbles, [ yellow tail ] Reserve

Argentina – Ruta 22

California – Kunde Family Estate, Girard, Sonoma Coast Vineyards, Windsor Sonoma Winery

Chile – Llai Llai

France – Andre Lurton, Georges Duboeuf, HobNob, Patch Block, Pierre Sparr, Sauvion, Vidal-Fleury

Italy – Barone Fini, Lionello Marchesi, Villa Pozzi

New Zealand – The Crossings

Portugal – Quinta do Vale Meao

Spain – Cruz de Alba, Mar de Frades, Ramon Bilbao, Volteo

Deutsch’s wines are sold to the trade with well-planned marketing support and offered to U.S. consumers at fair market prices. Today the company is renowned for its brand building prowess and ability to identify and fill consumer niches within the wine category. They have built numerous category leaders including: the #1 selling brand in the US, the #1 imported brand in the US, the #1 Australian brand in the US, and the #1 French brand in the US.

Bill’s son Peter Deutsch is CEO; thus two generations of the Deutsch family work side by side in their continuous quest to build strong brands and relationships throughout the wine industry.  

The company’s values rest on the founder’s “Six P’s” model for building brands: People, Product, Package, Price, Promotion and Potential. The “P” of People always comes first. “We are a family-owned business working with other family-owned and/or people-oriented businesses,” says Bill. “We develop strong, long term relationships with our producers and distributor partners, and we work together to achieve maximum results.”

Our company is renowned for its ability to create and identify existing consumer needs within the wine category. Consequently, brands are developed to not only satisfy the business and marketing perspective but to meet the desires of the U.S. wine consumer.


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