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"from my table to yours"

“from my table to yours”

Comments, testimonials, links from wine friends:

KECI Montana Today Feature with Rob Hudson and WineGuyMike.  Perfect Patio Wines;

WineGuyMike on KECI NBC Montana Today show with Rob Hudson;

Easter wine and food pairings;

Christmas Wine;

“MarkStornetta Mark StornettaThe Wine Country Real Estate Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via  @cawinecountry @wineguymike @legendarynapa 03/13/2011The Wine Coach Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @decanter @wineguymike @partyaficionado From the Trail 1033; Kate TranTue, Feb 22, 2011 02:49 PM MST Mike, I listened to your segment on wine from Washington this Saturday morning on the Trail. As I am a foodie, but do not know much about wines I listened intently because I had a dinner party on Sunday evening and needed to pick up a wine for the event. While at The Good Food Store I looked for your recommendation of Hot to Trot red from 14 Hands. Unfortunately, they did not have this selection but they did have their Cabernet Sauvignon which I purchased instead. It was a great affordable wine and went over very well with the crowd. Next time I am in the wine section I am definitely going to try to find the Hot to Trot red. Thanks for your help and expertise on a subject I have little knowledge of.


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  1. Wineguymike – I like your blog. You should go check my blog out at and perhaps we can collaborate. I focus on reviewing restaurant wine lists and showing readers the best values. You will see that I have reviewed close to 20 restaurants in the Bay Area. I also have a mobile optimized site that I am getting ready to have go live in the next couple of weeks.

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