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Sleep City Missoula

Liquid Planet “Best of Beverage” and a great place to find your holiday wine located in the heart of downtown Missoula.

Georges Distributing in Helena, Montana

Welcome to Kingston Family Vineyards

Welcome to Kingston Family Vineyards

Carl John Kingston was a miner and engineer from Central Mine, Michigan.  In 1906 Kingston set out for Chile and joined the Cerro de Pasco Mining Company.  Kingston never struck gold but he married Caroline Los Kamp and settled on “The Farm”.  Kingston wound up with the land known as “The Farm” as a result of one of his many mining deals. The land was a large dairy farm and cattle ranch situated 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean and nestled in the western hills of the Casablanca Valley in Chile.

Courtney Kingston

In today’s modern era most farms are not sustainable for more than three generations.  Courtney formulated a plan of sustainability during her graduate studies at Stanford.  She wrote a business plan that incorporated growing high quality grapes on the Kingston family’s cattle ranch and dairy farm.

The ‘casa patronal’ or Kingston Family home. This is traditional architecture for coastal Chile from the late 1880’s

Inspired by California vineyard visionaries, David Hirsch and Gary Pisoni, Courtney’s plan called for planting pinot noir and syrah grape vines in an area known only for white grape cultivation.  The Kingston family’s mission was to grow world class quality red grapes in a cool weather climatic zone.  In 1998 pinot noir and syrah grape vines were planted on the western hills of the Kingston’s Casablanca Valley farm.

The Kingston family led by Courtney’s plan harvested their first grapes in 2003, the result was 400 cases of pinot noir and syrah. Under the watchful eye of the Kingston family and two amazing winemakers, Byron Kosuge and Evelyn Vidal, Kingston Family Vineyards produce one of the best values in wine today.  Their portfolio of wines feature Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Syrah.  All of the wines are named for horses on “The Farm”.

‘Cariblanco’ Sauvignon Blanc was named for a white faced horse

‘Tobiano’ Pinot Noir, was a painted horse that looked as if someone poured two cans of paint on him

Lucero’ Syrah, a horse with an intense white flash on his forehead

The Kingston fine wine selections are available especially priced at Liquid Planet, Missoula’s “Best of Beverage”, located in the Heart of Downtown Missoula.

The wines reviewed today all receive the WineGuyMike™ Seal of Approval™

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From my table to yours,

"from my table to yours"


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