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WineGuyMike would like to wish all Mom’s around the world a Happy Mother’s Day today.  As we talk about wine today I would like to propose a toast with my finest wine to all Moms’, and in the spirit of todays radio show and blog post l’chaim. 

This week Yossie Horwitz joined me from Manhattan, New York to dispel the misconceptions of the sacramental wines enjoyed by the Jewish religion and culture.  Yossie is an attorney at a major International law firm by day, after hours he is the authority on Israeli wine and the production and protocol of Kosher wine.

This was a topic I’ve been interested in for a long time.  As I mention in today’s show the word Kosher is used in every day conversation as “good” or “okay”, well I wanted to know more.  Most wine drinkers remember Manischewitz, as a kid growing up in New York in the 60’s that was about the only thing you could find on the grocery store shelf.  At least that was true until Mateus wine, the sweet frizzante rose´ from Portugal adorned the shelves of stores everywhere.

Manischewitz was sweet, heavy and cloying, which is why kosher wines carried such a negative connotation.  Today’s featured guest Yossie Horwitz, a real expert in this area cleared up for us.  I’m not going to go into great detail today, but I will direct you to the podcast of Yossie and WineGuyMike’s entire conversation that really covers all the detail on Israeli and Kosher wines;

The truth about kosher wines:

  1. Any wine can be Kosher if produced and made within guidelines set forth by Jewish Law and overseen by a recognized Rabbi
  2. Wines remain Kosher for Jews if opened and served by a fellow practicing Jew
  3. Kosher wine is not only enjoyed on a daily basis but is also used for sacramental and ceremonial purposes by those of the Jewish Faith
  4. Today’s Kosher wines can be world-class

Israeli wines are becoming more readily available in the United States, albeit a bit expensive due to excise tax from importation.  According to Yossie and WineGuyMike’s research Israeli wines can be outstanding.  Israel’s wine country and its terroir have been recognized by European wine producers who have partnered with existing wineries and winemakers.  As Yossie informed the listeners on the show this is a retail segment that is experiencing growth around the world.  The terroir in certain wine country areas of Israel are perfect for developing Bordeaux and Rhone grape varietals.  This coupled with the Old World influence of European winemaking and New World winemaking technique of young Israeli winemakers is producing outstanding wines that we should taste. As Yossie pointed out many of the wines being produced in Israel are worthy of the term he coined, “Super Israeli Wines”.

Yossie is one of the annual judges for the Jewish Week’s Kosher Wine Guide and is leading a tour of Israeli wineries this summer for Emunah of America (a not for profit). He was also recently interviewed on NPR on the topic of kosher wines.  Yossie also selects and writes about wines for the Leket Wine Club which benefits Leket Israel, Israel’s national food bank and food rescue organization (on whose board he actively sits).  To connect with Yossie you should join him on his website; where he shares extensive information and has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

WineGuyMike’s Israeli wine recommendation for you this week is from Recanati Winery.

Recanati Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes harvested in their choice Galilee vineyards.  The aroma of this full bodied wine comprises hues of cassis and black forest fruits with hints of black pepper, cloves and nutmeg.

Aged in French and American oak with intense tannins this well balanced wine must be decanted to enjoy it at its best now.  This wine will age well for 3-5 years. Enjoy pairings of choice beef, lamb and smoked piquant cheeses.

This Super-Israeli wine receives the WineGuyMike™ Seal of Approval™.

I want to thank my friend Yossie Horwitz for joining the WineGuyMike radio show this week, it was a real pleasure.

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From my table to yours,

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