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Good Sunday morning and welcome back to the WineGuyMike show.  This week I decided to step away from the wine box for a minute or two and have a little fun.  About one month ago I received an email from HDNet a network production company that produces more original sports, music, news, and entertainment with attitude and independence than any other domestic network.

HDNet wondered if I would be interested in interviewing one of the hosts of a TV series, Drinking Made Easy.  This of course peeked my interest so I did a little discovery work to see what this show was all about.  I noticed as I went back and read the email that the show’s host was Zane Lamprey.   Zane’s name was very familiar to me as I was a frequent flyer with his previous series “Three Sheets”.

Zane is from Syracuse, New York in the real Upstate of New York, not the one that people who live in the city refer to as Upstate.  I needed to clarify (rant about)  that point as I too am from Upstate and all of a sudden in the last five years I hear incorrect references all the time about “Upstate”.  Zane majored in fine arts and minored in theater which has led him to a diverse career in the entertainment field.  Early on in Zane’s career he was involved in several projects for Comedy Central, VH1 and Nickelodeon.  He also did a stint as a cast member on MTV’s Damage Control and as host for VH1’s Motormouth, a reality show.

He is best known though for his show Three Sheets, originally featured on MOJO HD from 2006 through 2008, the Fine Living channel in 2009, most recently in 2010 on the Travel Channel.  Zane was also host to Have Fork, Will Travel, which previously ran on Food Network.

My guest this week on the WineGuyMike show is Zane’s co-host Steve McKenna.  Steve’s job titled beside co-host is “Stunt Drinker”, needles to say this stimulated my curiosity.  Zane claims that “Steve’s job, co-hosting ‘Drinking Made Easy’, is so easy, a monkey could do it”.  This comment is from the Three Sheets day’s when Zane at that time had tried to get the network to hire Steve.  Zane was in Greece prior to filming and Steve had asked where he was going in Greece.  Being the prankster that he is Zane knew Steve was not familiar with Greece so he told Steve that he was traveling to the island of Pleepeus.  He told Steve that the island was overrun with monkeys and Steve took the bait, hook, line, and sinker.  While filming this Three Sheets show in Greece Zane had a large stuffed monkey named Pleepeus on the set just to taunt his good friend Steve.  This is where Zane’s comment, “co-hosting ‘Drinking Made Easy’, is so easy, a monkey could do it”.

Steve appeared in 52 episodes of Three Sheets and developed a cult following as Zane’s stunt drinking side kick.  During the course of four seasons Steve became an integral part of the show and a drinking game developed as a result.  When Zane would mention his friend Steve, referred to as Rule #2, it’s a social and everyone would have a drink.

When one peruses the Drinking Made Easy dictionary there is a new official definition; Steve Mc-Kenn-a’d: inebriated to the point where one loses control of one’s actions. Examples include: drunk dialing, streaking, etc. “Sorry I hit on your mom last night, I was Steve McKenna’d”.

Steve and I had a great time on this week’s show, he was a great guest and put up with my silly questions.  The episode that was filmed in the Garden City, the place I call home in Missoula, Montana will be airing this week on Wednesday the 29th at 8PM Eastern.  In this episode stops into the Iron Horse Brew Pub to sample their “Montana Duck Fart” and their “Hop, Skip, and Go Naked,” sips on a “Dump Truck” at The Rhino, and samples the “Tapeworm Shot” at Bodega.  All that and a lot more on “Drinking Made Easy, Missoula.”  Watch this episode on DIRECTV Channel #306 and DISH Network Channel #362 in this area.  Check the local listings for your area so you don’t miss this whimsical show that is pure mindless fun.

This wouldn’t be the WineGuyMike show without a great wine recommendation, and do I have one for you this week.  This bottle of wine was so good it was almost wicked.  Honestly this bottle of wine that I tasted was one of the best I’ve had in a while, it was extremely well made and well structure.  This wine is young and a bit tight yet and would do well to be layed down for another two years.  To fully enjoy this wine you must decant the wine and let it open up for a couple of hours prior to drinking, I’ll be getting a few of these for the cellar.  Nuances of smoke, red fruit, and earth on the nose.  On the palate you know you have a perfectly balanced and well structured wine with wonderful mouthfeel.  Lush red fruit balanced with acidity and firm tannin.  This finish is long lasting and very desirable, you must sip more.

2008 Hedges Family Estate Red Mountain

Flagship wine of the estate, the HFE Red Mountain consistently displays dense color, firm tannins, and well-defined acidity. Always a majority blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this wine is suitable for drinking upon release, but will reward those with the patience to age it. This wine represents all vineyard blocks farmed within the Hedges Family Estate vineyard portfolio. A true chateau-production bottling, the HFE Red Mountain is the epitome of classic style, and one that represents the Terroir of the Red Mountain AVA in a pure and elegant form.

This beautiful wine receives the WineGuyMike Seal of Approval®

Seek out new wines that suit your seasonal palate at Liquid Planet, the place for your ultimate wine shopping experience.  Liquid Planet offers you a diverse valued selection of fine wines.  With the Vino Trio you can purchase your weekday and weekend wine and then get 20% off that wine for a special occasion.  You may not be traveling right now but how about getting prepared with your Wine Passport from Liquid Planet.  Take a virtual trip around the wine world and get your passport stamped in 10 different countries and when you finish your world tour you will have a complementary 10 dollar gift card to use for a great bottle of wine at Liquid Planet.

Liquid Planet for your wine shopping experience in the heart of downtown Missoula, the very best of beverage.

"from my table to yours"

"from my table to yours"


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