Rob’s winning wine picks for The University of Montana Homecoming

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WineGuyMike™  helped choose a few winning wine selections this morning with Rob Hudson and Monty Turner of NBC’s Montana Today Show.  As the season of change is upon us in Montana we have selected one beautiful white wine and three red wines to share with you for your tailgate parties.


The 2009 Sanglier (Wild Boar) Cellars has just released a new vintage of their Blanc du Tusque.  The 2009 white blend is 34% Viognier, 33% Sauvignon Musque, 33% Sauvignon Blanc.  Sanglier’s Blanc du Tusque from Sonoma is a perfect representation of wonderful fruit and good winemaking coming together in a bottle.  This wine is crisp, rich, with very nice aromas of  lime peel, melon and pear that is followed subtle notes of honeysuckle.  The palate offers a rich mouthfeel of pineapple, lime zest, pear and apple.  A nice long finish  balanced nicely with clean acidity and a hint of minerality.

If you are a wine lover you will enjoy this white Rhone style blend that will pair nicely with; poultry(fried chicken), pork (pulled pork sandwiches), grilled sausage and brats.  a great wine for a Homecoming tailgate party.

2009 Salentine Killka Malbec from Argentina


From Mendoza, this Argentinean wine is flamboyant, fruit forward, spicy and perfectly tannic. In your glass the wine has a deep purple hue with darker streaks of purple when held up to the light. Dark plum and blackberry with a bit of sweet vanilla meet the nose. This wine has great fruit, balance and structure on the palate. Don’t forget about the wonderful silky tannins this wine offers. The Killka has not been overly manipulated in the winemaking process, and this is one of its best qualities. This Argentinean wine is available at Liquid Planet for under $15. Pair this wine with rib eye or filet mignon and a red wine reduction or green peppercorn sauce.

2009 MontGras Quatro Blend from Chile

From Viña MontGras, this Chilean wine is a blend of 50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 20 percent Malbec, 15 percent Carmenère and 15 percent Syrah. This wine is a deep ruby color in the glass and offers aromas of fresh‐roasted coffee, dark fruit of black currants and cherries and leather with a hint of vanilla. When you smell this, you know you want to taste it, and you won’t be disappointed.

 On the palate, this wine is full‐bodied, rich, soft, supple and round with a nice balance of fruit and acid, which allows it to pair well with food. This wine is not so big and over-extracted that it will overpower you or your food pairing.  The Quatro serves up a long, luscious and lingering finish and costs less than $15 at Liquid Planet. Pair this wine with grilled top sirloin or prime rib.

The 2009 Hedges CMS Red from the Columbia Valley is a very good wine.  Hedges has sourced the grapes in this red blend from the very best areas for each varietal in the Columbia Valley AVA.  The CMS Red is 45% Merlot 39% Cabernet Sauvignon 16% Syrah.  This wine is smooth drinking and food friendly with a good balance  of fruit and acid.  Silky tannins and medium body with the slightest hint of sweetness define this wine that was aged in 60% French Oak and 40% American oak.  Pair this wine with a nice juicy burger or any red meat dishes you prepare for the Grizzlies Homecoming win.

I recommend decanting these wines as it will help them to open up and will enhance them for your enjoyment.

"from my table to yours"

"from my table to yours"


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